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If you wonder who am I and would like to know a little bit about me, here it is.

But first, let me ask you: How do you get to know someone else?

The same way you get to know about yourself...

All you need to do is become familiar with the way that person thinks, feels and acts.

For this, you will have to ask questions like:

  • What do you do?

  • What do you think about...?

  • How do you feel concerning... ?

  • What's your idea or belief regarding...?


Therefore, rather that writing for you a "biography" of my life, listing professional "titles" I might have or telling you what organization I might be involved with, I will give you an idea of my beliefs which will better reflect and describe my way of thinking and the way I live.

Following is a brief list of the propositions or premises I hold to be true for me.

You don't have to agree with me at all for us to be able to work together, but it will give you an idea of where I stand.

What I really like and do:

If I have to select a strong inclination to a particular state or recognize a course of action that I like to engage to generate within me a great moment of personal satisfaction, I would have to admit that my vocation is to experience that hot flush that accompanies any act of understanding when I can truly say to myself:

Yes!, that’s it, now I understand.

I do not want to just understand something. I want to understand everything!

When I really understand something and I become capable of correctly applying it, like a synchronized dance of knowledge with action is, for me, what I call Wisdom .

I like to help others understand Life and the Nature of Reality and existence.

What I do Believe:

My belief system, as stated below, form my actual sets of precepts from which I live and make my daily life choices, therefore, they govern my thoughts, words and actions.

Many of them I consider to be axioms: That is: self evident truths, from which other findings may be derived, deduced, induced or inferred.

Others came as my own conclusions after asking myself what I considered to be important questions, adopting and accepting those conclusions as basic premises upon which I consciously decided to live my life.

Others are the result of my own understanding of different studies and evaluation of pre-existing information that made sense to me at some specific points of my life and represent my own hypothesis, or a work in progress, that will eventually attain further substantiation as my investigation proceeds.  They are kind of “open issues.


What I believe about The Universe. (Totality of Existence)

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What I believe about Energy and Consciousness.


What I believe about Knowledge.


What I believe about Divinity or God.


What I believe about Ourselves.


What I believe about Science and Spirituality.


What I believe about Life.


What I believe about Reality.


What I believe about Healing.


  What I believe about The Universe. (The totality of existence)

  1. The universe has a specific order and structure. It has natural “laws,” not as a matter of convenience; it has laws because are a necessary requirement for its existence.

  2. The existence of the universe may seem a paradox to us because we not always understand it basic nature, not because its basic nature cannot be understood.

  3. The Universe, the nature of existence and reality, can be understood.

  4. There is, actually, a multi-verse, not a uni-verse. There are an infinite number of universes. 

  5. Since something cannot come from nothing, pulling a universe from a void is a clear violation of energy conservation, therefore, the universe – that is, existence - is eternal. It had no beginning and it will never end.

  6. Origin from nothing – ex nihilo - is not viable because there cannot be cause in “nothing” for that event.

  7. The universe had no beginning. It always has been, it is and it will always be. The universe is permanent.

  8. Everything in the universe is construed of only one thing, and one thing only. We call it Energy.

  9. The whole structure and order in the universe is nothing else but energy flows and energy relationships.

  10. Existence, reality, is nothing but energetic combinations and interrelationships of energy.

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  What I believe about Energy and Consciousness.

  1. All things are made of energetic substance.

  2. All energetic substance is made of consciousness. Consciousness is an attribute of Energy

  3. All Consciousness is Aware. 

  4. All energy IS consciousness.

  5. Everything that exists is conscious.

  6. Every energetic unit, every particle, every molecule, every structure is imbued in consciousness.

  7. Consciousness is the true spiritual essence of the universe, and all existing energetic forms contained within it.

  8. Everything is made out of energy-consciousness. We, therefore, are only energy-consciousness. We are energy-consciousness organized in a particular pattern and with specific relationships among those patterns.

  9. Thought is an attribute of consciousness.

  10. I believe the universe, the totality of existence, can be understood by understanding energy and consciousness.

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  What I believe about Knowledge.

  1. The only thing you need to know is about yourself.

  2. Knowing yourself is truly the beginning and end of all knowledge.

  3. Since all we are is only energy and consciousness, as everything else, I believe that if we understand ourselves, we can understand the totality of the universe.

  4. Energy and consciousness, the underlying only substance of existence, is the source of all data and all knowledge.

  5. Knowledge, when understood and correctly applied, becomes wisdom.

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  What I believe about Divinity or God.

  1. My concept of God is straightforward: The eternal state of All-That-Is. The unquantifiable construct of energy, consciousness, cognition and identity that eternally exists.

  2. All Creation takes place WITHIN the consciousness of All-That-Is. Thus separation from ALL-That-Is can only exist an illusion caused by our limited perception and forgetfulness of our always present and interconnected Energetic Reality.

  3. God is not a far-distant patriarchal authoritarian Creator or Powerful Ruler that "once upon a time "created us" or sent somebody to “save us.”

  4. For me, God is the Universal Unified Field of Consciousness expressed in the form of aware-ized energy, through which consciousness can perceive itself in objectification.

  5. The living fields of specifically ordered energy-consciousness, through which and within which all things are perpetually manifested at all times. In this way creation Itself is continually and perpetually occurring.

  6. This pure, sentient, creative force perpetually expands through new manifestations of itself while remaining perpetually the same as The Eternal “Is-ness” through which the Cosmos is kept in perpetual balance, eternal stillness, eternal motion, and unending creation.

  7. This Universal Unified Field of Consciousness is both manifest and non-manifest simultaneously; IT expresses as spiritual reality of consciousness and simultaneously this expression exists as the true natural scientific laws and eternal dynamics of energy which we usually call “physical reality.”

  8. God, for me, is the ONENESS of creation. All realities emerge from, and exist within this ONENESS of existence which perpetually creates within Itself smaller constructs of consciousness that reflect the structure, order and form of its Totality through a process of exponential fractalization.

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  What I believe about Ourselves.

  1. Human “design” is a complex of conscious energetic reality structures – body, mind, spirit - which exist within, and is an intrinsic part of, a Universal Complex of Cosmic Order.

  2. Consciousness is not an attribute of mind. Mind is an attribute of consciousness. And consciousness is an attribute of energy.

  3. Spirit, mind and body work together to create the perceptual experience we call “reality.”

  4. To change our reality, we have to change the energetic fields which compose any perceived form or personal life experience.

  5. The key to life is awareness of your conscious energetic composition.

  6. In recognizing the power of thought as the power of creation we can begin to apply that power effectively in transforming and shaping our life.

  7. Since everything is made out of energy. We, therefore, are only energy. We are energy organized in a particular pattern and with specific relationships among those patterns.

  8. We are perfect as we are. We do not need to "improve ourselves." All we need to do is understand what we really are to be able to express ourselves fully.

  9. Our purpose in life is the same and cannot be other than purpose of life itself, that is:  the continuous creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.

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  What I believe about Science and Spirituality.

  1. Spirituality and Science are directly and inextricably intertwined for both, spiritual and scientific pursuit share a common objective: to comprehend the intrinsic order and the mechanics of energy – that is; consciousness - and creation.

  2. At our current state of scientific development there are far more questions than answers. Science, as we apply it now, is more interested in measuring the universe that in explaining it. It has been more interested in “describing” it than in “understanding” it.

  3. Quantitative theories are the hallmark of science. – Even what is “real” is considered to be is only that which can be “measured.” If it can be observed it exists; if it cannot it does not. This is, for me, a far too limited perspective.

  4. The existence of a thing does not depend on our ability to measure it. Just because our telescopes can’t detect planets orbiting stars in other galaxies doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are limits on the macro and micro scale for any instrument. This just means that our lack of perception, our inability to perceive something, is one of our mayor blockages in understanding our universe and our reality. Which takes us to a very interesting conclusion: Increasing our perception increases our understanding! The more we are able to perceive, the more we are able to understand. The most important facts usually fall below our detection threshold.

  5. Newtonian physics says that the world we live, the universe, is a machine made up of mechanical parts. If you want to understand it you have to take the pieces apart to study or change it.

  6. Quantum physics, or quantum mechanics, says our universe is not based on pieces or mechanical arrangements; it’s based on energy structures that form and give shape to the parts. That energetic structure is called The Field. Newtonian physics focus on the particles.

  7. Quantum physics says if you want to understand the particles – the perceivable things – you have to understand the underlying, and not always perceivable, energetic field. Here is where science, for me, begins to shine.

  8. I believe and agree with "The Field" approach of science. There are only fields of energy and interactions of energy.

  9. I believe science should recognize consciousness as an attribute of energy, just as it recognizes "force" as an attribute of energy capable of causing "effects."

  10. There is one "visible-manifested-exterior" reality - the realm of science - and another "invisible-non-manifested" reality - the realms of spirituality. Both are really one and the same, therefore spiritual and scientific pursuit have the same single common objective.

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  What I believe about Life.

  1. We call life the constant variations of energetic expressions that Consciousness takes on in order to reflect and reveal itself as observable structures of forms and energetic streams of variable intensities perceived as diverse experiences.

  2. The only purpose of life is the continuous creation and expansion of new realities and experiences.

  3. Thought and feelings are the attributes consciousness uses to create the forms and experiences of our lives.

  4. We are so intimately connected with the physical events that compose our life experiences that most of the time it’s difficult for us to distinguish between them and the thoughts and feelings (energy forms and energy flows) of our consciousness than gave them birth.

  5. No one forces us to think or feel in any particular manner, and there resides our free-will.

  6. Life experience is a product of our own expectations. All life experiences have a reason for being; it is up to each one of us to discover the thoughts and emotions behind their existence.

  7. We are not as nearly as familiar with our own thoughts and emotions as we may imagine.

  8. Life can be understood.

  9. The key to life is awareness of your conscious energetic composition. In recognizing the power of thought as the power of creation we can begin to apply that power effectively in transforming and shaping our life.

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  What I believe about Reality.

  1. I believe reality has a substance and the only material available to build the universe, existence, and everything in it, is energetic consciousness.

  2. Existence, reality, is nothing but energetic combinations and interrelationships of energy.

  3. The "Reality" we perceive “outside of ourselves” is a three-dimensional holographic image produced from a pattern of interferences caused by energetic, conscious radiations.

  4. Reality is Thought Construction. Thought is also an attribute of Consciousness, the filter through which consciousness manifests itself into perceivable 3-dimensional holographic forms.

  5. Nothing is truly solid. All things are composed of Consciousness and their apparent solidity (density) is determined by the relationship between the consciousness observing the form and the consciousness of which the form is made.

  6. Nothing is truly solid. All that exists are energetic “Fields” of variable radiation frequencies.

  7. To change our reality, we have to change the form or the relations of energetic fields which compose any perceived form or personal life experience.

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  What I believe about Healing.

  1. For me, all healings are the results of the acceptance of one basic fact. That matter is formed by the energetic qualities that provide it with vitality, that structure follows expectation, that matter at any time can be completely changed by the activation of the creative forces inherent in our own consciousness.

  2. All healing is conscious energy handling. Exterior appearance is a replica of our inner desires. 

  3. To heal we have to examine the energetic nature of our own thoughts and feelings and project those with which we basically agree and wish to manifest. We see and feel what we expect to see and feel.

  4. We are creators transforming our expectations into physical form. We all can heal ourselves.

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These beliefs should give you a pretty good idea of who I am and what I stand for.

Please contact me for any questions.

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Don't believe any word I say!


I only speak from my own experiences and my own evaluations, and I don't pretend to own the truth. The concepts, ideas and insights presented in my web sites are not inherently right, wrong, true or false. They simply reflect my own biased understanding acquired through many years of sincere effort to comprehend life and myself.


The right question for you to ask is: Is this true for me?


Don't just read the material I present.  Pay attention to it as if your life depended on it and evaluate sincerely with your own understanding and honestly try the ideas out. Whatever works for you, good. Whatever doesn't, just ignore it.


If something doesn't feel right, set it aside temporarily and think for a moment why you believe what you believe and compare both concepts with an open mind.  You may uncover a few surprises.


I strongly believe that if you apply the ideas to your life you will also experience amazing results.


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